Remember Arnold Schwarzeneggar from the film, Jingle All the Way? Let’s hope you’re not as hysterical as he was while you’re doing some shopping on BLACK FRIDAY.


Hysteria is an astonishing sociological phenomenon. It exists in almost every living, breathing creature, but for humans, hysteria takes something more than just survival in order to have those homo sapiens in your face with their fists ready for the punch, especially on Black Friday. Just imagine: as the doors of stores begin to open at 4 a.m., shoppers become something bestial as they feast their dollar hungry eyes and ears on one-of-a-kind deals. Guys, that’s some really. scary. shit. there. So in honor of that annual behemoth-of-a-shopping-day, SHK is featuring some of the most eye-shocking videos of Black Friday hysteria you will ever see.

Once upon a time at 3:45am…

Video via the Salt Lake Tribune


Maybe you could wait in a tent for ten days outside of choice store, like this man from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Video via Cleveland Fox 8 News

Don’t you wish that children’s toys could just buy themselves?


Shoppers get trampled at a Target in North Buffalo, Buffalo, New York

Video via Kam Vision

Even the Terminator gets real.


Who would ever think that normal things like towels (TOWELS?!) are subject to leaving you kicking and screaming?

Video via redbluffruffian1

Shopping on Black Friday might make you “just this crazy.”


See how Arnold fought his way for Christmas gifts in this trailer for Jingle All the Way.

Video via London for Christmas

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