Ben Fold’s Five releases their first new album since 1999.

The Sound of the Life of the Mind is the first studio album released by Ben Folds Five since their 1999 release of The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. The record can be seen as a continuation to where the band had left off all those years ago — complex harmonies, erratic chord changes and those jazzy jams the trio is better known for (or rather, vocalist Folds is better known for). After all these years of having taken official time off, what was presumably indefinite, The Sound of the Life of the Mind makes a gallant attempt at recreating the spellbinding sound that caught our attention with tracks found on earlier records, such as Whatever and Ever Amen. With that being said, this time around BFF seem to have explored new themes and matured their sound in a way that reveals a stronger collaboration than that of the past. Welcome back boys! — Veronica Hoglund